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Tall Cedars of Lebanon of North America is an appendant Masonic organization devoted to fostering friendship and fellowship among Freemasons and to all mankind.

We are over 10,000 members with an unyielding commitment to provide a "place in the sun" for those many thousands of victims of neuromuscular diseases who, through their own means, may not be able to share and enjoy the experiences of life that we so often are able to take for granted. 


The MDA Telethon is Back!

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Date: July 1, 2020

From: The Supreme Tall Cedar

Brother Cedars, My thoughts and prayers are with you and you families as we continue to deal with the ongoing world-wide coronavirus pandemic. May those of you who are healthy, remain safe. May those of you who are fighting this disease, continue to heal. And may those of you dealing with the loss of loved ones, find comfort and peace.

Unfortunately, due to the continuing issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board of Directors and I have decided to cancel the 2020 Annual Meeting. It is with great reluctance that we made this decision. With a significant portion of our membership falling in the “at risk”/over 60 age group, a number of us would be ill-served by having a convention. The health and safety of our Cedar membership and our families are of the utmost importance. As an organization we have the responsibility to limit exposure to the COVID-l9 virus. Also, at this time, there is no assurance that the various authorities will have lifted, modified, or imposed new directives on social distancing, the use of personal protective devices, or even a return to sheltering at home. This approach, although disappointing, is both cautious and prudent as we face the many unknowns still before us.

After deciding to cancel the 2020 Convention, the board and I discussed the various options for the succession of officers. Some had suggested that I remain as STC for another year. However, I felt that, yes this is quite a year and I am missing some events and activities, but it is for the betterment of the organization to facilitate the normal progression of officers. Planning by the SDSTC and the JDSTC for their years is already well underway. Four Supreme Director positions need to be filled. So, with the advice of Larry Hein, York Forest #30, our Parliamentarian, we voted to cast a unanimous ballot for all unopposed candidates. Finally, since there will be no 2020 Annual Meeting, all pending By-Law changes will be carried over to the 2021 Convention.

Please continue keep the Foundation in your thoughts. Some forests have begun to raise funds for the Foundation. When it is safe and you feel comfortable to do so, join in and sell a shamrock, a rose, or half of a BBQ ’ed chicken. (I can attest that it feels good to be in the sun and share both work and fellowship with other Cedars!) I would also remind you to please contact your Forest’s Foundation chairman and add this year’s Foundation Bear to your collection. Not only is it a good-looking bear, if I don’t say so myself, but it’s a collector’s item. This is the first time that the TC Foundation logo has been added to the back of the bear. Please acquire my “purple buddy” as soon as you can.

The Cash Raffle is still planned for July 25th with some changes. The picnic portion of the event, normally held at the Gratz Fairgrounds, has been cancelled. PSTC John Shoop, Special Activities chairman, based on a number of factors, recommended to the Supreme Forest Board of Directors that the drawing be moved to the Supreme Forest office. This raffle is both our largest fundraiser of the year and our greatest financial risk. In order to pay out the prize monies, we need each of you to sell some tickets! We have three weeks to go! If you need more tickets, contact PSTC John Shoop, chairman, or the Supreme Forest office.

As Cedars, we should strive to maintain contact with our fellow Masons. Please reach out to another Cedar. Please pick up the phone and call a Brother. Send him a text or an email. Share a post with a friend. Demonstrate that we are truly Fraternal Brothers.

God bless and stay safe!

Bill Martz,STC


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The Supreme Forest Office has relocated to

4309 Linglestown Road
Suite 116, Box 4
Harrisburg, PA 17112

The phone number remains the same, 717-232-5991.

Many of the forms have been update with the new address. Please download and update your forms.

Contact your Forest Scribe or webmaster@tallcedars for your login and password.



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