2017 Tall Cedars of Lebanon Goodwill Ambassador Mark D. Bruck

Mark was born on November 5th 2005 in Russia and at 13 months was adopted by Lisa and Keith Bruck.  In 2007 he was diagnosed at the Johns Hopkins University with Congenital Myopathy and in 2015 with Rigid Spine Syndrome.  He is able to walk but tires easily.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is home to Mark, his parents, older brother Joel, and younger brother Luke.

An outgoing 5th grader, Mark sings with the Intermediate Choir at school. He is also a three-year member of Dubbs Karate Academy where he earned his Brown Belt!  Some of his favorite things are extreme weather, Star Wars, and animals, especially dogs.  He would like to become a broadcast meteorologist when he grows up.

He has a soft voice, but loves to talk and won’t hesitate to introduce himself to you.  Don’t be surprised if you see him start dancing when he hears the music!  We feel sure he will be a wonderful Goodwill Ambassador.

To request Mark’s attendance at a Forest function, contact:

Glenn Henry, TCF Trustee No. 11
84 Victoria Lane
Lancaster, PA 17603