Famous Tall Cedar
Allen E. Roberts

Founder of Anchor Communications and
Imagination Unlimited!®

Allen was born in Pawtucket, Rhode Island on October 11, 1917, and received his preliminary education in its public schools. He continued his studies in the U.S. Navy where he served aboard the U.S.S. Alabama and L.S.T. 877 during World War II and earned the rating of Chief Commissary Steward. He saw action in the North Atlantic and the Pacific. Journalism and accounting were his main subjects of study in the Navy and in Virginia, where among other institutions, he attended T.C. Williams Law School. He made his home in Highland Springs, Virginia upon his discharge from the Navy in 1946.

He was a Colonel, Aide-de-Camp on the staff of the Governor of New Mexico; an Honorary Lieutenant Colonel, Aide-de-Camp, in the Alabama State Militia; a Kentucky Colonel; and has been cited by the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut for his "outstanding career in the field of office management and communications, specializing as a management consultant in the production of informational films, training aids, and sound recordings."

He has been listed in:

  • Who's Who in the World
  • Who's Who in Finance and Industry
  • Who's Who in the South and Southwest
  • Who's Who in Entertainment
  • Who Is Who in Freemasonry

He was married for 50 years to Dorothy Marie Grimes and has four sons, Allen E., R. Wayne, Kenneth D., Brian K.; and one daughter, Marcia Lynne Roberts Weber; five grandchildren and ten great grandchildren.

His Books Include:

  • House Undivided: The Story of Freemasonry and the Civil War
  • Freemasonry in Highland Springs
  • Sword and Trowel
  • Masonry Under Two Flags
  • Freemasonry's Servant: The First Fifty Years in the History of The Masonic Service Association
  • Key to Freemasonry's Growth
  • Brotherhood in Action
  • i>Fifty Golden Years
  • The Craft and Its Symbols
  • G. Washington: Master Mason
  • How to Conduct a Leadership Seminar
  • Chronicle of Virginia Research Lodge
  • Frontier Cornerstone: History of the Grand Lodge of Ohio
  • Shedding Light on Leadership
  • Freemasonry In American History
  • Brother Truman: The Masonic Life and Philosophy of Harry S. Truman
  • The Diamond Years
  • The Search For Leadership
  • Seekers of Truth
  • The Mystic Tie
  • Masonic Lifeline
  • Masonic Trivia and Facts
  • House Reunited: Civil War - Aftermath - Brotherhood
  • Freemasonry and Democracy: Its Evolution In North America

Motion Pictures:

(Each received awards in international Film Festivals)

  • The Saga of the Holy Royal Arch of Freemasonry
  • The Brotherhood of Man...
  • Challenge!
  • Precious Heritage (Gold Award)
  • The Pilot
  • Fraternally Yours
  • Lonely World (also received a Freedoms Foundation Award)
  • Virtue Will Triumph
  • Living Stones...
  • The Connecting Link

Leadership Series:

  • Growing the Leader
  • Breaking Barriers to Communication
  • Planning Unlocks the Door
  • People Make the Difference

The leadership series are now on videotape and has become The Masonic Leader.


  • "William McKinley--Freemason"
  • "The Lodge in Swann Tavern"
  • "Lafayette Visits Richmond, Virginia"
  • "A Lodge of Confusion" (six episodes)


Hundreds have appeared in numerous magazines and periodicals for over 40 years. For five years he published and edited The Altar Light. Allen wrote a regular column for The Philalethes magazine and The Northern Light. He was Acting Editor of The Philalethes for six months on the death of its long time Editor.

Masonic Education:

For The Masonic Service Association, Allen developed "More Light in Masonry," termed by many to be a "A Masonic Survival Kit." It is a self-teaching course in Masonic leadership that has been used by hundreds of Freemasons throughout the country. Also for the MSA he produced "Talking Short Talks" on cassettes and a Bicentennial Program entitled "We Mutually Pledge ...", and recently Masonic Lifeline, plus several Short Talk Bulletins, and articles for some of its digests. He also wrote its 50 year history "Freemasonry's Servant."

For 14 years he served on the Education Committee of the Grand Lodge of Virginia. In 1995 he organized the Masonic Leadership Center at the George Washington Masonic National memorial and was its president.

In Freemasonry:

  • Past District Deputy Grand Master (PDDGM)
  • Past Deputy Grand Secretary (PDGSec)
  • Past District Deputy Grand High Priest (PDDGHP)
  • Past Master of Babcock Lodge No. 322, Highland Springs, Virginia
  • Past Master and Secretary of Virginia Research Lodge No. 1777
  • Charter Master of Civil War Lodge of Research No. 1865, Virginia
  • Past High Priest of Temple Chapter No. 32 (now Richmond Chapter No. 3)
  • Former (20 years) Chairman of the Fraternal Relations Committee of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Virginia and its Fraternal Reviewer
  • Past President and Executive Secretary of The Philalethes Society
  • Past Grand Master (1990-91) of the Grand Council of Allied Masonic Degrees of the United States of America
  • Past Grand Chancellor of the Grand College of Rites of the United States

In July 1994 the library and museum of the Grand Lodge of Virginia was renamed and dedicated as The Allen E. Roberts Masonic Library and Museum.

On October 3, 1995 he received the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction.

In February 1995 The Northern Light named him as one of the top 25 Masons during the past 25 years.

Honorary Memberships:

  • Babcock Lodge No. 322, VA
  • Lodge St. Thomas No. 306, Larkhall, Scotland
  • Alexandria Lodge No. 33, New Brunswick, Canada
  • American Union Lodge No. 1, Ohio
  • Vincennes Lodge No. 1, Indiana
  • Georgia Lodge of Research
  • Research Lodge No. 2, Iowa
  • Masonic Lodge of Research, Connecticut
  • Tennessee Lodge of Research
  • Walter F. Meier Lodge of Research No. 281, Washington
  • Texas Lodge of Research
  • South Carolina Research Society
  • Richmond Chapter No. 3, Royal Arch Masons
  • Josiah Hayden Drummond Council No. 1, Maine
  • Dog Wood Council No. 171, B.C., Allied Masonic Degrees
  • Pelham Council No. 263, SC, Allied Masonic Degrees
  • Virginia Craftsmen
  • High Twelve International
  • Finger Lakes Chapter of The Philalethes Society


  • Fellow of the Philalethes Society (FPS)
  • Fellow of Virginia Research Lodge No. 1777, VA
  • Fellow of Georgia Lodge of Research
  • Fellow of Missouri Research Lodge
  • Fellow of the Phylaxis Society (Prince Hall Masons)
  • Deputy Grand Abbott of the Society of Blue Friars (Mason Authors)
  • Founder and Secretary of The Masonic Brotherhood of the Blue Forget-Me-Not (Masonic educators and writers)
  • Certificate of Literature of The Philalethes Society
  • Ira S. Holder Certificate of Literature of The Phylaxis Society, 1990
  • Honor Plaque of Virginia Research Lodge No. 1777
  • Red Branch of Erie, AMD
  • Knight Grand Cross, AMD
  • Honorary Legion of Honor, Order of DeMolay
  • Cross of Honor, Order of DeMolay
  • White Honor Key, Order of DeMolay

Masonic Medals:

  • George Washington Distinguished Service Medal of the Grand Lodge of Virginia
  • Josiah H. Drummond of the Grand Lodge of Maine
  • Silver Medal of the General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, International
  • John Dove Distinguished Service Medal of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons
  • Virginia Craftsmen Distinguished Service Medal
  • Gold Medal of the Glasgow (Scotland) Compass Association
  • James Royal Case Medal of Excellence of the Masonic Lodge of Research, Connecticut
  • Anniversary Medal of Babcock Lodge
  • Virginia Research Lodge Medal of Merit
  • The Philalethes Society Distinguished Service Medal
  • Grand Cross and Red Branch of Erie of the Allied Masonic Degrees
  • Pierpont Edwards Medal of the Grand Lodge of Connecticut


  • Babcock Lodge No. 322 (PM)
  • Virginia Research Lodge No. 1777 (PM/Sec.)
  • Richmond Chapter No. 3 (PHP), Royal Arch Masons
  • Research Lodge No. 2, Iowa
  • Southern California Research Lodge
  • Civil War Lodge of Research No. 1865 (Charter Master)
  • Member, Scottish Rite Bodies, Valley of Boston, Massachusetts
  • Grand College of Rites (Past Grand Chancellor)
  • Past Sovereign Master of George Potts Council No. 73 (PSM), Allied Masonic Degrees
  • Richmond Commandery No. 2 (demitted)
  • Society of Rosicrucian (S.R.I.C.F.) (demitted)
  • Fort Lee-Richmond Chapter, National Sojourners
  • James Monroe Camp, Heroes of '76
  • Virginia Craftsmen


  • One of Founders of W. Lance Walker Chapter, Order of DeMolay
  • Founder and first Grand Tall Cedar of Battlefield Forest No. 170, Tall Cedars of Lebanon (demitted)
  • Founder (1962) and President Ad Vitam of the Virginia Craftsmen
  • Past Adjutant, Post 242, Sandston, VA, American Legion

Allen E. Roberts was a Certified Administrative Manager, and owner of Imagination Unlimited!, registered with the U.S. Patent Office, and Anchor Communications. The companies specialize in audio/visual aids for business and fraternal organizations, management consulting, writing, motion picture productions and book publishing. Allen was a member of film producers organizations; a member of the Academy of Certified Administrative Managers. He was a former member of the Administrative Board of the Highland Springs United Methodist Church, and has often spoken from its pulpit and taught Sunday School.

Further Interest:

Brother Roberts son, Kenneth has taken over the family business, Anchor Communications at http://www.goanchor.com and is a member of Babcock Lodge #322 in Highland Springs, VA. He is also a Fellow of, and business manager for the Philalethes Society (the international Masonic research society). He was recently elected president of the Masonic Leadership Center at the George Washington National Masonic Memorial in Alexandria Va. His Masonic Memberships are:

Babcock Lodge #322
Virginia Research Lodge #1777
PSM, George Potts Council, AMD
Richmond Royal Arch Chapter #3
Virginia Philalethes Chapter
Civil War Research Lodge #1865, GL of VA
Scottish Rite Research Society